Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God, her/his imagination, ability and boredom.

He. i.e. G0d has created endlessly, is perhaps still creating and infinite possibilities of creativity will always remain open to Him. Have we ever given a thought on why and for what reason is all these creations for?
The answer is very simple. It’s Boredom. No, there's no spiritual reason behind creation but a simple psychological reasoning[1]. Sounds disappointing, but only if you wanted a dimensionalised answer.
“The Infinite G0d $ His Infinite Boredom”: Consider that as the ultimate theme for an artist of any genre of art, and then you’ll know why G0d is an artist himself.[2]
You seethe more creative a mind is, the more restless it tends to be. It then becomes a conflict between the potential within and its expression on the outside.
We can hardly begin to imagine what Infinite Creativity may feel like.
Secondly, God because of his own creativity is the only one of His kind and is thus bored. Therefore, .. creation. Imagine a child having the ability to manifest his imagination.. that may help to get a somewhat vague idea of the Genius involved behind creation.
The problem may however start if God becomes bored of creation. What then? Will the Child erase the Blackboard?

[1] I’ve limited the scope for argument by mentioning the mental element. The term used, is a result of need and not preference.
[2] The term “God” restricts the definition of the Supreme but any other substitute such as : Infinite Intelligence or Unity would have their own limitations, hence, “G0d”.

Endnote: Throughout the above I’ve deliberately restricted myself from any sort of deitification of G0d. I’ve tried to humanize the Divine. In my opinion there are certain flaws of existence which operate on the operator also and therefore to conclude, despite all his Praiseworthy Greatness, God has his pains too. Behind the veil that separates the Creator and the created, we see how close the Father is to His Son.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thinking, Always Thinking.

We all get to learn.

There's a lot to learn, a lot from each other.

Make me your disciple, for one day when I have learnt

your little tricks I would be much ahead. I would be liberated.

Since everything comes from us, there is no unknown faculty which brings change..

You see, nothing is inherently working against us, except for, Ourselves.

~ We are all prisoners of our own devices~

(Pardon me for this absurd piece of writting, I don't like

to walk the bridges.. I just jump over them.)

What we see around is a creation of our own designs, a

proof of aur existence. We are the filthy ingredients and

what we produce is our filthier vomit. The intellectually

pathetic ones depend upon this waste for their survival.

For them its nutrition. The process continues down the


What happens to the pioneers?
They suffer from eternal hunger and infinite
dissatisfaction. Humiliated. By their own capabilities.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

..Man is the Creator..

The very basic instinct..Sex..is the means to reproduction. Ask the father of a newborn, how he feels like? ..he feels Divine.. he cherishes his ability for creation and he dreams to work upon his creation. Endlessly. This is what the goal of man is on earth.. creation..creation after creation.. the most universal, obvious and enlightening persuit. The Persuit for the Superman, ..the "After, Man", ..the "next stage of mankind". Its all in the genes. The intellect, the beauty, the strength, skills, talents, values.. all are means to find ..the ultimate compatibility, so to find the ultimate progeny.. ~The Son of Man Is The Son of God.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

..a word that counts$ !!

Love is just a word. A word which is deep and misunderstood. It has no beginning or end. It is in itself, complete and yet, not enough !! Within it lie our most secret of emotions, emotions which are yet unknown, emotions which can make us weak and vulnerable, emotions which can leave us embarressed.Yes, love is a need. Yes, love is a fallacy and yes, love is just a word !!That which governs us is love. That which drives us is love. That which attracts us is love. That which hurts us is love. That which can make us plead is love.
Love is a dangerous "Thing". It is not just a feeling and No it is not just an emotion either. It is yet not understood, therefore, the "Thing".
"Let not my Heart break, for my God lives in it,
I bow my head in reverence to You."
Love makes me rise. Love makes me complete. Love makes me greater than Me. This happens when I Conquer love, this happens when i Understand love, this happens when I Celebrate love.
And yes, love is just a word !!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

having read ~The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, i mused..

Laws of physics work on our lives too..~take for example the laws of attraction..its works on the principle of tuning your life to a frequency that you desire to catch..the frequecy is your desired state of life..here your mind sends signals to the universe which serves you on your desired menu.Thoughts have frquencies and the conscious, subconsciousness and the unconscious mind works towards achieving that state that is depicted by in those frequencies.. so to be a winner then keep on thinking of winning..emit the healthiest of waves to make people see u as a friend.. persistent optimism will bring a radical change in the attitude, which will be designed for achieving that goal in the soonest and the best possible way..a problem with such a transmission is that we also emit negative thoughts..then what is to happen of them as mind control is something that many desire to, but few can master.. "It had been for my thought that i had created the entire Existence and it is, but for my thoughts that i keep on doing so.."However if the proponents of this theory are to be believed which i personally surely do..then we also have to accept the reverse ~ the equal and opposite reaction. We are talking physics..remember?Now take this scenario: What if the things that Have to come in life, come [the theory of Predestination and the theory of Karma (subtler relation)], they make such situations in our lives, which influences our thought processes and whether, for better or for worse, makes us desire the decided outcome? So that when we are lost in shades of triumph in having control over our lives by making intelligent selection of thoughts, ironically, we are being fed by only those thoughts which are waiting in que towards manifestation. May be this is what the Maya is~an endless cycle with no begginning or end !!