Tuesday, July 28, 2009

venom..lots of it..but the dose is good ..for resurrection !

Think? Do I Need to think before I actually start existing. Do you think you think I even gave a moment’s thought before starting to scribble all this? You are right I did. But truthfully I haven’t yet fully understood the meaning of the title yet. Let us thus form an opinion together.Think? Think what? As I tell myself to think about an absurdity such as This, my thinking stops.. there’s vacuum.. well the first thought! ..so here’s a beginning. The very awareness that comes from the realization of this vacuum is powerful enough to make me think about any of the acquired knowledge that I have clamoured up my brain. It all suddenly and readily becomes dispensable at my command.. Yes, where were we? ah!! “Think”.Think? Think what? Think Why? Think How? Think! Think! Think! And now I am bored..Forget thinking and come to “I”. Who am I? ”I am Spiderman”. I know it sucks to quote suckers but what the Suck!! , as long as it serves my perverted needs to confuse you as much or even more, than I presently am.. Yes Spiderman or “X” or “Y” or “Z”. Does it matter what variable you have been assigned. No! Know! Know!! , that everything else, Everything else; Exists because You do. You are the constant between two definite events. And that is where spirituality or science or Whatever starts existing. It is I who has devised means to satisfy my intellectual hunger by creating institutions, institutions which may or may not exist., but “ I” do and ”I” will till Kingdom comes. Bear with me while I spit on everything that comes my way. Ha! Who’s Kingdom? His? Yours? Mine? Who Is this His? Who is this “His”? Is “He” in hiding? Why doesn’t He come out when people who have faith in Him (or may be Her) shrivel up and die , crying out His name, while I unleash my fury at them. Is he preparing an army against Me? Is He really that weak? If yes, then stop believing in Him and start believing in “I”, if no, then welcome to the world of make believe..Believe in “I”. “I” am Brutal, “I” am Jealous, “I” am Hungry, “I” need Sex, “I” need Power.. This is the Truth.. This has always been the Truth. Strip Yourself, walk Naked, look into that “I” that you have been deliberately ignoring for so long.. the irrationality of This is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it. I am that “I” and Thought gives me the means to live that “I”.. “ I Think Therefore I Am..”

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