Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Set me free -all heaven's a lie..

We all get to learn.

There's a lot to learn, a lot from each other.

Make me your disciple, for one day when I have learnt

your little tricks I would be much ahead. I would be liberated.

Since everything comes from us, there is no unknown faculty which brings change..

You see, nothing is inherently working against us, except for, Ourselves.

~ We are all prisoners of our own devices~

(Pardon me for this absurd piece of writting, I don't like

to walk the bridges.. I just jump over them.)

What we see around is a creation of our own designs, a

proof of aur existence. We are the filthy ingredients and

what we produce is our filthier vomit. The intellectually

pathetic ones depend upon this waste for their survival.

For them its nutrition. The process continues down the ladder.

What happens to the pioneers?

They suffer from eternal hunger and infinite dissatisfaction.
Humiliated. By their own capabilities.

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