Tuesday, August 18, 2009

..a word that counts$ !!

Love is just a word. A word which is deep and misunderstood. It has no beginning or end. It is in itself, complete and yet, not enough !! Within it lie our most secret of emotions, emotions which are yet unknown, emotions which can make us weak and vulnerable, emotions which can leave us embarressed.Yes, love is a need. Yes, love is a fallacy and yes, love is just a word !!That which governs us is love. That which drives us is love. That which attracts us is love. That which hurts us is love. That which can make us plead is love.
Love is a dangerous "Thing". It is not just a feeling and No it is not just an emotion either. It is yet not understood, therefore, the "Thing".
"Let not my Heart break, for my God lives in it,
I bow my head in reverence to You."
Love makes me rise. Love makes me complete. Love makes me greater than Me. This happens when I Conquer love, this happens when i Understand love, this happens when I Celebrate love.
And yes, love is just a word !!

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