Tuesday, September 29, 2009

God, her/his imagination, ability and boredom.

He. i.e. G0d has created endlessly, is perhaps still creating and infinite possibilities of creativity will always remain open to Him. Have we ever given a thought on why and for what reason is all these creations for?
The answer is very simple. It’s Boredom. No, there's no spiritual reason behind creation but a simple psychological reasoning[1]. Sounds disappointing, but only if you wanted a dimensionalised answer.
“The Infinite G0d $ His Infinite Boredom”: Consider that as the ultimate theme for an artist of any genre of art, and then you’ll know why G0d is an artist himself.[2]
You seethe more creative a mind is, the more restless it tends to be. It then becomes a conflict between the potential within and its expression on the outside.
We can hardly begin to imagine what Infinite Creativity may feel like.
Secondly, God because of his own creativity is the only one of His kind and is thus bored. Therefore, .. creation. Imagine a child having the ability to manifest his imagination.. that may help to get a somewhat vague idea of the Genius involved behind creation.
The problem may however start if God becomes bored of creation. What then? Will the Child erase the Blackboard?

[1] I’ve limited the scope for argument by mentioning the mental element. The term used, is a result of need and not preference.
[2] The term “God” restricts the definition of the Supreme but any other substitute such as : Infinite Intelligence or Unity would have their own limitations, hence, “G0d”.

Endnote: Throughout the above I’ve deliberately restricted myself from any sort of deitification of G0d. I’ve tried to humanize the Divine. In my opinion there are certain flaws of existence which operate on the operator also and therefore to conclude, despite all his Praiseworthy Greatness, God has his pains too. Behind the veil that separates the Creator and the created, we see how close the Father is to His Son.