Tuesday, April 6, 2010

India that is [not] Bharat.

It's not what Obama wants or Bush wants but it's about what the Great American Ambition wants, for America is not just a Nation it's a dream project of the world's most ambitious men.
The fight is all about -not selling our hopes and aspirations at the hands of the Americans [or for that matter any other country] for that is the first step towards bondage.
unfortunately "Globalization" is a mere tool of bondage used by the campaigning country which sells an idea or a product to another. From our defense to our nuclear program.. from securing IPRs to launching a software.. from discovering the latest in fashion to to drinking the coolest fizz, our choices are governed by the trend in the west [and almost always of America ] this is the New Age Bondage, it comes without chains and fetters and the Slave State is a slave of it's own weaknesses.
Similarly India is not merely a Nation it's an assembly of Consumers tht have arisen from a society formed due to the premature ejaculation of our dreams. India is sold, let's accept that.
What is left is BHARAT. Yes, the Bharat of You and Me and the poor Begger sitting at the pavement beneath that "what an Idea Sirji " hoarding. Let's fight this proxy war with intelligence and let our culture be our strength.

Let's save this Bharat of our Forefathers.. let's save this Bharat of Our Saints !
Let's save this Bharat of our Vedas.. this Bharat is the Blood in our veins !