Friday, November 25, 2011

The search for truth is not a destination to arrive at but a journey in itself

How can the truth be genrelized if it is in its very core the most personal of all experiences?
The search for truth is not a destination to arrive at but a journey in itself. All attempts to codify the truth therefore remain merely as the word says - 'attempts'. Lighthouses can guide you in your journey but can never become the journey itself.

On the capabilities of communicating the truth.
Language is a barrier, so is imagination. How can we tame an ocean?
They say that thought traves faster than anything else known. How are we to overcome such a powerful friction then? By the time I condense my thought to a symbol or word the 'truth' has elusively evolved to a more complex form. Imagive this..Science says the Universe is continuously expanding. Where is it expanding into? But even if it is contracting, what are it's limits ? Where does it start and where does it end? It seems to expand into itself then! Carl Jung dug into the vast common collected experiences of human psyche, but 'truth' is beyond human psyche it was there before the psyche had come into existence. Therefore, symbology and language are to be ruled out as modes of communication of a truth that is beyond the human experience.

The flowering of consciousness starts with questions. Questions are your own, you cannot borrow can only ask them when you get a taste of them.These questions are to remain unanswered because if Buddha jumps in to give a 4 point formula, it becomes Buddha's truth and not mine. This is the most powerful philosophy born out of human endeavour to experience a personalised truth [emphasis on 'personalised experience'].
This is the way shown by Osho.

The principle of 'neti-neti'
'neti-neti' [not this, not this] makes you arrive at Advait'hood. It is very important to understand what these words point to.
Don't drink the words just feel them work on you. Remember there can be no codification of truth. Let these words shake off distraction even if momentarily like the sound from the buddhist gong or the famous zen slap. Such is the power of these words that if they are allowed to play on self then they create the thirst for knowledge. They become the first gurus.


aham brahmāsmi - "I am Brahman"
tat tvam asi - "Thou art That"

Monday, October 24, 2011

Krishna ~ The Perfect One

Krishna is the most dynamic form manifestation of Godhead. Avataars are but form maifestations, they had been decided upon by the Godhead to suit the scenario and need. Shiva has his avataars too, so does Shakti. Even the genius triology we come across is nothing but taking of different forms by the same Godhead to suit different requirements. 
The story of Krishna involves so many factors: astronomical, class struggle, spiritual, retributive, political, cultural, environmental, evolutionary, religious, its was for so much more than the more popular reasons of protection of dharma and showing the right spiritual way of life. Krishna was the perfect one. Perfect friend, son, enemy, teacher, lover, ruler, leader, politician. He was the most gifted flute player the world has ever known and the master of yoga. He was quick wittted, lethal, caring, loyal, powerful and a lot more. The purpose for such a larger than life avataar to be sent amongst us was a simple one: To show us the tremendous capabilities of the Human Body and Mind; if an avataar can do it, then so can we, thus, setting the stage for the future of Human Evolution. Growing in strength, emotion and intellect Krishna grew beyond all expectations, this is called the flowering of personality, a personality that is innocent yet intelligent enough to outgrow self imposed restraint of individual and collective psyche.
It is not that there can just be one perfection. The morning sky, beautiful flowers, song of birds each is perfect yet each is different, similarly no matter how many times they happen there is no struggle for perfection. Struggle is a tension, it cannot be eternally beautiful.
Krishna was a frequency reached by a human, unlike some other avataars where Godhead took a form to take care of an immediate need, Krishna's life was meant to be lived as a means to an end in itself. This is the beauty of Krishna's life, not shortlived, not for one purpose alone, not dedicated to any one aspect of life. Thus, anybody who reaches the same frequency in which lived Krishna, that anybody is immediately transferred to the level of Krishna. He/She becomes Krishna. This happened with Sri Radha. This happened with Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Nitai and Gaurango. This happened with Sri Meera, Surdas, Tulsidas and Kalidas. This has happened with so many great saints and teachers. This is nothing new. What is important is that all these had happened through the path of Bhakti. We are now experimenting with other paths. We are coming now coming closer to such experiences by kriya yoga, kundalini, tantra and other such scientific methods. This is where great teachers have shown us true diversity. No matter what path we take, as we come closer to such experiences we get to understand that the concept of God too is an ever evolving one.      
This was what Krishna lived for. Realising oneself.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Prakriti and Purusha

- With every blooming of a flower possibilities as large as eternity are opened up for the plant.
The struggle for continuation of existence is the story of life. The urge to reproduce lies deeper than all the layers of consciousness. It lies deeper, into the very heart of Existence itself. The sum total of everything is Existence. Existence is throbbing with life, nay it is life, life and expression of life. Yet this Existence of which we speak is not all in all. It has had a past and has a future. Imagine independent, unrelated, simultaneous Existences appearing like bursts of bubbles arising from a body of water, each complete in itself. They come and go with time. But unlike this perishable body of water, the phenomenon happening over eternity, must take place on a playground or strata that remains beyond the clutches of time. This strata is ‘svayambhu’ or ‘without a predecessor or one who arises on his own ‘. Personified as the ‘Purusha’/male part of the Unity and recognised as Shiva/Shambhu, this half of the Unity is everything that ‘Is there’ and ‘Not there’, everything that there ‘ever was’ or ‘will ever be’, a sum total of all possibilities, a great calm, a great ocean. The bubbles [Existences] arise due to the ‘will’ of the second half of the Unity. This second half is personified as ‘Prakriti’/or the female part, which is Energy/’Shakti’, absolute and uncontrolled.
The ‘iccha’/desire gives rise to ‘maya’/ or Existences. Purusha and Prakriti together are the Ocean of Bliss. Complete, Complimentary and Playful.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

self induced anesthesia

Unable to face myself in absolute stilness and silence for quite sometime, i decided to become the observer (although it now seems like this was many lifetimes ago). my mind reels with a nauseating dizzyness that is unknown to me. it is at this phase that i believe lonliness becomes the hardest thing to accept. Everything and everyone acquires a limitation which cannot satisfy the hunger within. The more i think of finding a solution or somehow ending this exhausting search, the more futile such an excersice seems. This is existentialism in full swing. i have been very much self absorbed. it had been fun at first, but with time i have understood that just like everything else - imagination, ideas and thoughts too are objects, subtle objects. this experiment has gone like i expected, but it has changed my perspective and changed me in many ways. i am now aware of possibilities that are unavailable inside my container. Then again there is my lower node or my instinctual self which makes me a human less than a human. overcoming myself in this aspect will be my next endeavour. This is a journey that is entirely within, it can also, no doubt, be an expression of a tired or a wanting mind, or a symptom of some psychological illness. But then in this world, what isn't. One thing however is clear, we are what we believe we are, and there is no turning back. I am writing this for myself as a memoir beside having expectations of finding co-travellers on the same journey.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Viewing absurdism from flatland.

objects, ideas, energy, individual behaviour, group behaviour, evolution, cause- effect and so on.., are not exactly different from each other. physics tells us that manifestation occurs due to a lowered energy level. implying, - that what is perceptible is only a part of what is actualy there, and that what is actually there is the whole existence in it's entirety. we can for the time being refer to that as the singularity. now this singularity is not governed by einstin's fantacised law of everything, as everything includes these laws (physical or otherwise) too. This Singularity is living on its own, just like all the cells in your body are living and yet you maintain an individuality of your own. the term cosmic play is not therefore randomness or a predetermined chain of events. It is what i believe is Pure Consciousness. action, inaction, omission and commission then becomes very much like a dance or an expression of art on a canvas which again is itself an extension of the artist. Singularity. just Singularity, of course, viewing it from flatland depends a lot on your imagination.