Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Prakriti and Purusha

- With every blooming of a flower possibilities as large as eternity are opened up for the plant.
The struggle for continuation of existence is the story of life. The urge to reproduce lies deeper than all the layers of consciousness. It lies deeper, into the very heart of Existence itself. The sum total of everything is Existence. Existence is throbbing with life, nay it is life, life and expression of life. Yet this Existence of which we speak is not all in all. It has had a past and has a future. Imagine independent, unrelated, simultaneous Existences appearing like bursts of bubbles arising from a body of water, each complete in itself. They come and go with time. But unlike this perishable body of water, the phenomenon happening over eternity, must take place on a playground or strata that remains beyond the clutches of time. This strata is ‘svayambhu’ or ‘without a predecessor or one who arises on his own ‘. Personified as the ‘Purusha’/male part of the Unity and recognised as Shiva/Shambhu, this half of the Unity is everything that ‘Is there’ and ‘Not there’, everything that there ‘ever was’ or ‘will ever be’, a sum total of all possibilities, a great calm, a great ocean. The bubbles [Existences] arise due to the ‘will’ of the second half of the Unity. This second half is personified as ‘Prakriti’/or the female part, which is Energy/’Shakti’, absolute and uncontrolled.
The ‘iccha’/desire gives rise to ‘maya’/ or Existences. Purusha and Prakriti together are the Ocean of Bliss. Complete, Complimentary and Playful.