Monday, October 24, 2011

Krishna ~ The Perfect One

Krishna is the most dynamic form manifestation of Godhead. Avataars are but form maifestations, they had been decided upon by the Godhead to suit the scenario and need. Shiva has his avataars too, so does Shakti. Even the genius triology we come across is nothing but taking of different forms by the same Godhead to suit different requirements. 
The story of Krishna involves so many factors: astronomical, class struggle, spiritual, retributive, political, cultural, environmental, evolutionary, religious, its was for so much more than the more popular reasons of protection of dharma and showing the right spiritual way of life. Krishna was the perfect one. Perfect friend, son, enemy, teacher, lover, ruler, leader, politician. He was the most gifted flute player the world has ever known and the master of yoga. He was quick wittted, lethal, caring, loyal, powerful and a lot more. The purpose for such a larger than life avataar to be sent amongst us was a simple one: To show us the tremendous capabilities of the Human Body and Mind; if an avataar can do it, then so can we, thus, setting the stage for the future of Human Evolution. Growing in strength, emotion and intellect Krishna grew beyond all expectations, this is called the flowering of personality, a personality that is innocent yet intelligent enough to outgrow self imposed restraint of individual and collective psyche.
It is not that there can just be one perfection. The morning sky, beautiful flowers, song of birds each is perfect yet each is different, similarly no matter how many times they happen there is no struggle for perfection. Struggle is a tension, it cannot be eternally beautiful.
Krishna was a frequency reached by a human, unlike some other avataars where Godhead took a form to take care of an immediate need, Krishna's life was meant to be lived as a means to an end in itself. This is the beauty of Krishna's life, not shortlived, not for one purpose alone, not dedicated to any one aspect of life. Thus, anybody who reaches the same frequency in which lived Krishna, that anybody is immediately transferred to the level of Krishna. He/She becomes Krishna. This happened with Sri Radha. This happened with Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sri Nitai and Gaurango. This happened with Sri Meera, Surdas, Tulsidas and Kalidas. This has happened with so many great saints and teachers. This is nothing new. What is important is that all these had happened through the path of Bhakti. We are now experimenting with other paths. We are coming now coming closer to such experiences by kriya yoga, kundalini, tantra and other such scientific methods. This is where great teachers have shown us true diversity. No matter what path we take, as we come closer to such experiences we get to understand that the concept of God too is an ever evolving one.      
This was what Krishna lived for. Realising oneself.