Friday, November 25, 2011

The search for truth is not a destination to arrive at but a journey in itself

How can the truth be genrelized if it is in its very core the most personal of all experiences?
The search for truth is not a destination to arrive at but a journey in itself. All attempts to codify the truth therefore remain merely as the word says - 'attempts'. Lighthouses can guide you in your journey but can never become the journey itself.

On the capabilities of communicating the truth.
Language is a barrier, so is imagination. How can we tame an ocean?
They say that thought traves faster than anything else known. How are we to overcome such a powerful friction then? By the time I condense my thought to a symbol or word the 'truth' has elusively evolved to a more complex form. Imagive this..Science says the Universe is continuously expanding. Where is it expanding into? But even if it is contracting, what are it's limits ? Where does it start and where does it end? It seems to expand into itself then! Carl Jung dug into the vast common collected experiences of human psyche, but 'truth' is beyond human psyche it was there before the psyche had come into existence. Therefore, symbology and language are to be ruled out as modes of communication of a truth that is beyond the human experience.

The flowering of consciousness starts with questions. Questions are your own, you cannot borrow can only ask them when you get a taste of them.These questions are to remain unanswered because if Buddha jumps in to give a 4 point formula, it becomes Buddha's truth and not mine. This is the most powerful philosophy born out of human endeavour to experience a personalised truth [emphasis on 'personalised experience'].
This is the way shown by Osho.

The principle of 'neti-neti'
'neti-neti' [not this, not this] makes you arrive at Advait'hood. It is very important to understand what these words point to.
Don't drink the words just feel them work on you. Remember there can be no codification of truth. Let these words shake off distraction even if momentarily like the sound from the buddhist gong or the famous zen slap. Such is the power of these words that if they are allowed to play on self then they create the thirst for knowledge. They become the first gurus.


aham brahmāsmi - "I am Brahman"
tat tvam asi - "Thou art That"