Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today on the auspicious day of the beginning of 'Navaratri' ( Tuesday, 16th of October, 2012), I would like to share an English translation of a Telugu song, that I did with online help some time ago.
The song is dedicated to Lord Shri Ram. Hope you would enjoy the song and its translation. Please forgive any/all mistakes that may have been made in the translation work, Since I don't know Telugu, I tried doing my best in translation using online help.
The song is called 'Rama Chakani Sita..'' and is from the Movie 'Godavari' (2006).

Thank you !

Hello, it has been days since my last post.
Its review time and I am going to share with you, two of the best Indian Spiritual/Religious music albums that have been my all time favorite. This is also a thank you note for the amazing artists, who have introduced to the world and to me, the amazing and soulful genre of Sanskrit hymns.

A few words about Sanskrit devotional music.
This genre is perhaps the oldest surviving genre of music in the world. This genre owes its origin to the Vedas and contributions have been made to it from time to time by the immortals of history. This music is devoted in  honor and praise of Gods in their different forms and aspects, sometimes in their 'avataar' forms, sometimes to the understanding of a 'niraakar' god and at times to the aspect of god which the composer best relates to.
This genre has evolved with time and has been enriched by compositions sung by the likes of Indra -the Lord of Heavens, Ravana- the Powerful and Learned King of Lanka, Adi Shankaracharya - the celebrated prodigy sage who revived ancient teachings of sanatan dharma, Sri Rama, Sage Narada and so many more great personalities of our culture.

Where do we get to listen to this music
I remember as a kid getting introduced to sanskrit devotional music through audios of 'kirtans' available from 'Ramkrishna Ashram'. Now there are many online pages where one can get to listen and download music belonging to this genre.
For those who have difficulty in understanding the language there are excellent online translations available for most of the compositions.

The album 'Shivoham', by Ashit Desai
Mr. Desai' s voice in this album is just spell bounding. The album was released in 2001 and this was probably the same time when I first played it. I am happy to say that for all these years I have cherished it, loved and meditated on it. This is one classic masterpiece one should definitely listen to. There is a powerful commentary given along the album explaining the glory of Shiva along with an introduction to the different the compositions of the music album.

Artist names: G. Gayathri Devi , S. Saindhavi, Uma Mohan, R. Shruthi.
Album name: Sacred Chants, Divine Chants, Divine Chants of Vishnu.. and many more.

These wonderful artists have the most melodious, soothing voices you could ever come across. Their voices generates respect when you hear them, and if they ever read this, I would like to thank them for making these compositions alive with their amazing voices. And yes, the music; it is perfect, - traditional served in contemporary experimental style! I congratulate the producers of these albums for creating these divine recordings. One good place to get introduced to their excellent music is through the link - http://www.bhaktipaadal.com/singer.php?page=1&SGRID=S.Saindhavi&lang=en&sort=song_asc

Kindly search for the youtube versions of the suggested albums and artists. If you like the compositions and get a chance of buying their original cds, please, do buy them. There is nothing better than promoting and supporting excellent, original creations.