Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mahakumbh 2013 (Allahabad, Prayag)

Its Kumbh time and and the festivities have started. The event officially starts on the 14th of Jan and will go on till march. So those who havn't yet packed their bags can do so NOW !
Don't miss this. Take my word You Will REMEMBER This, for the REST of your LIVES !!!!
I remember the last Kumbh (2001) and I can never Imagine anything even remotely close to it. So take this Opportunity coz it takes a period of 12 whole years to make it - This BIG.

For those who are here or are planning to be here in a couple of days, Congrats.

Important points for You from GROUND ZERO -
1) Its cold, so come prepared. The temperature is dipping below zero during late nights and early mornings. Plus the area of the mela (event) is in the outskirts and is out in the open, so it is really cold.

2) Travel only by Air Conditioned railway coaches. The Sleeper Class can be very very cold at nights in this weather.

3) There would be lots of food around, all you need to care for is hygiene. Bring along antibiotics for common cold and stomach problems, medicines for stomach ailments.
Free distribution of Bhog/Prasadam by different organisations takes place daily and at all meal times. My favourite is ISKCON. So you can enjoy hopping around the area, food will find you.

4) The area of the Mela is really vast. An entire township is created for the event. It has its own administration, police and help services. It is fully guarded and has been secured to the optimum.

5) In the Last Kumbh we remember crores of people taking part in this event. This year we believe the crowd will increase. If you are staying away from the mela area, and If you have come for holy dips, then your chances of reaching 'sangam' at the right time and spot (i.e the place meant to take the dip) is inversely proportional to the distance of your lodging from the mela area- because of the unimaginable crowd and diversions created to control the crowd on the official days of Snan (Auspicious days of the Holy bath/dip) throughout the city, on those days. So take accommodation in the mela area, also to capture the best moments of the festival and to witness Everything you need to be at the spot of the event. So try find accomodation in the mela area, or really close by. You should not face any problems in that, ask around, buy, beg, adjust, do anything you like :)

6) No matter where you are in this vast area, your best friends are always around you, these are fellow travelers like yourself, the authorities, police, locals, everyone, just don't hesitate to take second opinions on anything.  

I hope this helps, will try to give more details soon. All the best !! 

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  1. Quick list for foodies. The items mentioned are exotic to the location or have a unique local version of a famous delicacy.
    Ask around for reliable places to get these:

    1) Tikki Chat,
    2) Dehi Bade,
    3) Tamatar Chat,
    4) Namkeen (these last for long so a Must take a way item for you).
    5) Hot milk, rabri, lassi, sweets(dairy products, all yummy)
    6) Dahi-Jalebi
    7) Samose
    All these items are best found in 'loknath- chowk'. However, since the shops from there would open branches in 'mela' area, you can enjoy all of these easily.

    - A must have breakfast for the mela area residents is the 'poori sabji' from a good shop. You could fine one near the 'baandh'- cantonment side.

    If you get a good place serving 'baati-chokha' then go for these. A total new experience would welcome you.

    Finally comes fruits and desi ice-creams:
    - Allahabad is known for its Guavas (Red on the outside one's are the best).
    - Fruit Chaat
    - Faluda
    -Fruit Cream

    Happy hunting !!